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measuring existing slats Allowances made to enable transfer of your current weights, chain & hangers:
Top Pocket 23mm, Bottom Pocket 69mm

Measuring Your Existing Slats

To measure for your new replacement vertical fabrics, simply remove once of your existing fabrics and lay it on a flat surface. Carefully measure the length of the fabric using a metal tape measure. Note the exact size of the slat, do not make any allowances or additions to account for the size of the pockets. Be careful to select the correct unit of measure (i.e. cm, mm or inches)

The fabrics will be made to the exact size that you provide we will not make any adjustments. This will ensure a perfect fit.

Fitting your replacement fabrics:

On receipt of your new fabric simply unhook your existing fabrics and remove the hangers, insert them into the top pocket of your new fabrics. Carefully unclip the linking chain, (we suggest easing them upwards towards the top of the fabric rather than pulling them straight off). With the chain removed swap the weights into the bottom pocket of the new fabrics.

To hang the fabrics onto your track, first ENSURE THAT THE HOOKS IN THE HEADRAIL ARE POINTING TOWARDS THE SIDE RECESS OF YOUR WINDOW. This will put the blind into the ‘open position’. Hang the fabrics onto the headrail ensuring that there is a gap between each fabric (DO NOT PUT THEM ON FLAT TO THE WINDOW). Using the ball chain rotate the fabrics to ensure that they turn freely. Clip the linking chain back onto the fabrics. It is easier to chain the weights closest to the window first.

Should any of the linking chain break whilst it is being clipped on you can always purchase some replacements from us either follow the link to the weights/chains/parts section of the website or contact us on 01922 496102.